Below are the settings that produced these results

When clicking on the links below you will see 3 images:

  1. A picture of the test setup
  2. A picture of the Test results
  3. A picture showing the optimised settings

You will also see a monitoring account started 1 week after the launch of the specific settings

Please note we do not supply set files - please copy the settings from the optimised Settings picture and then retest these setting using your own broker data. If necessary re-optimise the information to be more in-line with your account set-up and broker.

Client discoveries

Click on the links below to view more details about the historical setting that produced the back traded results shown on our marketing page.

IMPORTANT:  You must calibrate your EA to the specific Broker account you are going to use to trade the Make Money EA. For more information on how to do that please use this link:- CALIBRATE

For the latest lower risk, lower drawdown and improved profitablity approach use this link:- IMPROVED SETTINGS